Rest can Reduce Stress

In order to maintain good mental as well as physical health, it is necessary to periodically go on vacation, a short or long. Rest is more than just entertainment. Research shows that positive impact rest on the health of not only a subjective impression. Here are the elements of rest which specifically contribute to physical and psychological well-being.

Sun – As a rule, we’re on vacation outside more and more exposed to the sun. Sunlight contributes to improving mood, reduces depression and helps you sleep better at night. In addition, the sun contributes to the synthesis of vitamin D (one of the key factors of many processes in the body) and helps the body to recover.

Stay in the fresh air and play – When we live in the usual way, as a rule, most of us spend most of their time indoors (work and homework). Staying more hours a day in the fresh air purifies the lungs and gives us extra energy. In addition, the holiday gives us the opportunity to walk, enjoy the weather, which is not limited by a schedule, explore, buy. All of this returns our enthusiasm and joy of life.

The opportunity to be creative – On vacation, time belongs to you – you do not have to hold any special daily schedule. And that’s a relief. You can get up when you want , go to sleep later, eating at the time, which is not common. You can not do the things that you desire (meditate, sing, play tennis, writing, taking pictures, reading investigating specific topics).

In short, the rest increases our chances to stay healthy – The doctors found that if you do not go on vacation, it can harm our health. Generally speaking, free time contributes to reducing the level of anxiety and gives us the opportunity to relax and enjoy, and this has a positive impact on overall health.